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Lodz weather and average temperature

Poland's climate is influenced by a continental climate from the east and a maritime climate from the west. As the result the weather is changeable, with significant differences from day to day. Winter one year can be almost without snow, whereas another year heavy snows can paralyse transport for days. Summer [...]

Foreign Direct Investments in Lodz

The biggest foreign direct investments in Lodz since 1995 include:SHOPPING CENTRESGaleria Lodzka (Pilsudskiego 15/23)M1 (Brzezinska 27/29)MANUFAKTURA (Ogrodowa 17)PASAZ LODZKI - Jana Pawla II 30TULIPAN - Pilsudskiego 92HYPERMARKETSGermany:Makro Cash &Carry (Kasprzaka 8)Media Markt (Brzezinska 27/29, Pilsudskiego 15/23)OBI Superhobby Dom i Ogrod (Rokicinska 192/214; Szparagowa 3/5)Praktiker (Brzezinska 27/29, Wieniawskiego 1/3)Real (Brzezinska 27/29, Jana [...]

Business Opportunities in the Lodzkie voivodship

Lodz Voivodeship is a province of central Poland created January 1, 1999, out of the former £ódľ voivodeship (1975-99) and the Sieradz, Piotrków Trybunalski, Skierniewice and part of the P≥ock Voivodeships, pursuant to the 1998 Local Government Reorganization Act. The province's name recalls that of the region's largest city, £ódľ. Attributes of [...]

Selected Higher Education Institutions

University of £ódľ Selected faculties: biology, chemistry, economics, finance and banking, physics, information technology, information technology and econometrics, mathematics, law, psychology, sociology, business and marketing.   Technical University of £ódľ Selected faculties: architecture and urban planning, automatics and robotics, biotechnology, chemistry, electrical engineering, electronics and telecommunication, technical physics, mathematics, information technology, chemistry and [...]

Boruta Zgierz Industrial Park

The Commune City of Zgierz decided to set up Boruta Zgierz Industrial Park for the purpose of economic development in Zgierz. The Park is situated on the area of the former „ Boruta” Dye Industry Plant. This is one of the best industrial areas in Poland located 3 km of the [...]

The Lodz Special Economic Zone

£ódľ is the second largest city in Poland, with nearly 800,000 inhabitants. The £ódľ voivodship is located in the very centre of Poland. Convenient investment possibilities for foreign and domestic investors are offered in the £ódľ Special Economic Zone. The £ódľ Special Economic Zone covers a total area of 511.6 ha [...]

Nightlife in Lodz

Lodz, with its wide array of clubs, discos and night clubs, is often referred to as the capital of Polish clubbing. The city, especially the most famous Piotrkowska Street, is famous for its non-stop nightlife. The whole street is lined with clubs, bars and night clubs, which have a lot to [...]

Selected Restaurants of Lodz

Lodz with its wide array of eateries can be called an eating paradise. Most of them are situated in the heart of the city in Piotrkowska Street. It is here that one can enjoy a delicious meal in one of the elegant restaurants, pubs and cafes. The eateries have a lot [...]

Andrzej Wajda - Oscar-Awarded Director

Andrzej Wajda, the world-famous Polish film director, theatre director and scriptwriter, was born on March 6, 1926 in Suwalki. He is one of the prominent figures of the Central Europe cinematography. Wajda is widely known as a chronicler of Polish history, especially of the political and social situation of Poles brought [...]

Lodz Film School

Lodz, the largest film production centre in Poland, has always been well-known for its National Film, Television and Theatre School. The school, established in 1948, is one of the most famous higher education institutions and the only one of this kind in Poland. The National Film, Television and Theatre School has [...]

Piotrkowska Street - Symbol of Lodz

Piotrkowska Street – symbol of Lodz and its history Piotrkowska Street, situated between Wolnosci and Niepodleglosci Squares, is the most elegant of all the city streets. It is also one of the major attractions of Lodz. Once it was part of the route, joining the oldest part of the city with the [...]

Shopping in Lodz

Lodz is a perfect shopping venue full of both small boutiques and large commercial centres that offer top quality goods, catering for all pockets and tastes. The most famous and most convenient way of doing the shopping is walking along Piotrkowska Street, the longest and the most elegant of all streets [...]

Ordering a Taxi in Lodz

The best idea is either to take a taxi operated by one of the taxi corporations from a taxi rank or order one on the phone. Their names and telephone numbers are usually displayed on the car. The corporations usually do not charge any extra money for this online order call. [...]

Getting Around Lodz

During the last few years the number of cars in most Polish cities has increased considerably. Consequently, the streets become jammed during the peak hours. At that time of the day the best way of moving around Lodz is going on foot, using public transport (especially a tram) or going by [...]

Manufaktura Culture-Trade-Entertainment Centre

Manufaktura Culture-Trade-Entertainment Centre is one of the largest commercial centres in Poland and in Europe. It is situated in the heart of Lodz at the junction of Ogrodowa, Zachodnia, Karskiego and Drewnowska Streets. Its location is significant as it is here that Izrael Poznanski, one of the most famous 19th century [...]

History of Lodz

The first written record of Lodzia (the original name of the city), in which the village is granted to the bishop of Wroclaw, dates back from 1332. However, a crucial moment in the history of Lodz was granting the city charter by King Wladislaw Jagiello in 1423. Originally, Lodz was an [...]

Selected Parks of Lodz

Pilsudskiego Park – attractive site for kids and adults Pilsudskiego Park is the largest park in Lodz and one of the largest parks in Europe. The park, with its adjacent grounds, is often referred to as ''Na Zdrowiu'' Recreational Complex. It consists of Botanical Garden, Zoological Garden, ''Polesie Konstantynowskie'' nature reserve, amusement [...]

Lodz Wladyslaw Reymont Airport

Lodz Wladyslaw Reymont Airport, established in 1925, consists of two terminals. Terminal I, modernised in 1997, is a domestic one. Terminal II, erected in 2005, is aimed for operating low-budget airlines and charter flights. During the extension works, which were completed in 2006, the arrival and departure halls were enlarged, making [...]

Arriving in Lodz by Low-Budget Airlines

So far if you have flown to Poland, you have probably landed either at Okecie Airport (Warsaw Frederic Chopin Airport) or at Krakow-Balice Airport (John Paul II International Airport) which are considered to be the busiest and the most modern airports in the country. Nowadays the situation has changed dramatically. Following [...]

Things to do in Lodz

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Map of Lodz

Map of Lodz

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